Saturday, April 5, 2014

"Are You Serious?" Awards - Volume XII: People Have Questions Edition

Who is wise enough to take all this in? Who has heard the Eternal speak and can explain His ways to others? Can anyone say why this land has been ruined and left a wasteland, a desert where no one dares to travel?
~ Jeremiah 9:12, VOICE ~ 

There is a story that has puzzled people across America, and that has been particularly troubling to families raising children with special needs.

In February of 2013, Justina Pelletier's parents took her to Boston Children's Hospital at the instruction of her specialist at Tufts Medical Center.  Hoping to connect with a particular gastroenterologist who is a colleague of their regular specialist, the family was instead met with shocking conflict.  Determining that the Pelletier's daughter has "somatic symptom disorder" rather than mitochondrial disease as originally diagnosed by Tufts, Children's Hospital petitioned the court for custody Justina on the grounds that her parents were guilty of "medical child abuse".  Despite the fact that her specialists at Tufts stand by their diagnosis, this teenager has not been returned home since this fateful ER visit.  Most recently, a Suffolk County Judge determined that Justina will remain in the custody of Massachusetts Department of Children and Families.

 Are you SERIOUS?!

The battle rages on.
"Lou Pelletier, who filed an appeal in the custody case last December, told that he is now ready to file a writ of habeas corpus in Massachusetts Supreme Court for "wrongful imprisonment" of his daughter."
 Photo Courtesy of "A Miracle for Justina" on Facebook

I have heard from a professional colleague who holds the belief that this custody situation would not occur without valid evidence to back it up.  He maintains that there must be more than what is being publicly revealed to the average public.

Still, this case strikes fear in the hearts of parents, especially those raising kids with special needs, all across this nation.  As much of the evidence has been under wraps, parents are wanting to see the justification for this court decision.  Why would this occur in America?  What is the evidence that these parents are guilty of "medical child abuse"?

While it is easy for every parent to turn their focus inward, praying for answers in this case to assuage their own fears, it is CRITICAL for every one of us to be praying for all involved in this case -- Justina, her parents, the social worker, Boston Children's Hospital staff, Tufts Medical Center staff, the lawyers, and the judge.  

It is our prayer that God, who IS all Truth, will shine His light on this situation to expose the darkness. 

~ Barb Dittrich

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