Saturday, March 8, 2014

"Are You Serious?" Awards - Volume VIII

"The Cheese Touch"  -- It's an alternative expression for "cooties" that was used in the DIARY OF A WIMPY KID book series, and it came to mind with this week's award winner.

It almost seems that "The Cheese Touch" is what a certain 2 year old girl had when she waltzed in to her local day care center in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada this past week.  Walking in to said day care with a contraband cheese sandwich earned this child...  Wait for it...

You see, in an effort to protect children with severe food allergies -- a maneuver our ministry deeply appreciates -- this particular child care center has adopted a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY for carry-in food of any sort.  Despite the fact that this prohibited carry-in food was discovered in a sealed baggie and immediately given back to the father when the preschooler had taken only 2 steps into the school, the family received notice that the consequence of this infraction was an immediate 3 day suspension.

Are you SERIOUS?!

This begs the question,
How do YOU feel about zero tolerance policies?

It would seem that policies and consequences as unyielding as this leave no room for common sense.  Of course, having entertained MANY an allergic person in our own home, I can testify to the seriousness of certain allergies with no wiggle room for leniency.

So, what do YOU think?  

To learn more about the story, check out the CBC News interview:
Or read "Daycare suspends 2-year-old girl over cheese sandwich".

~ Barb Dittrich


  1. I laugh at most of them. Like the fact that I get the form letter about how many tardies my kid has had while we've tried everything on God's green earth to get her to take her epilepsy meds without an every-morning fight. I deposited the letter in the trash. And thanked them for the free babysitting at detention.

    1. Wonder what would've happened had he shown up with his suspended daughter using your trash-deposit method. :-D Yes, we've laughed having contests one year to see who got the nastiest letter from the district regarding number of absences. If you didn't laugh, you'd cry.

  2. I think many of these "zero tolerance" policies need to leave room for common sense. They've heard about the spirit of the law rather than the letter of the law, right? Apparently not.