Saturday, March 1, 2014

"Are You Serious?" Awards - Volume VII: VOLUNTEER LOVE!

RELATIONSHIP is all the name of the game these days when it comes down to anything of significance -- leadership, spiritual growth, parenting.  The voluminous amounts of information I devour every day which equip me to be the wife, mother, writer and ministry leader God intends me to be all lead me back to this primary focus.  No matter how advanced, sophisticated, busy and technological our culture has become, there is still no replacement for the value and bond of one-on-one relationships with people.

Our entire ministry is built on loving relationships with people of all kinds that make our coming together, in all its many forms, a place of warmth, homecoming, hope, and mutual support.  There should not be a moment's doubt that I have a fierce love for every family we serve -- moms, dads, step-parents, grandparents, caregivers of all sorts, and each precious child they are raising.  But I also have an incredible love for every person that has become a part of our team over the past decade, each with their own unique story, each with their own unique talents and service.

To make this ship carry us through the troubled waters of life, we have people you will rarely (if ever) see or meet.  There are Jolene, Tracy, Bill, and Rob who serve on the board, all having various areas of talent in either fundraising, advising, planning or providing resources.  They put up with me each month and make sure this ministry is the very best it can be for each parent we serve.  There are saints like Thom and Becky, capturing beautiful moments from our events with their incredibly artistic photography.  There is Jason, who does all the graphic design work.  There are the precious saints packing gift baskets for moms and dads.

And the events -- OH THE EVENTS!  The hands that help create crafts, plan activities and prepare food are precious hands indeed.

I am blessed to see the commitment and dedication of each distinct, remarkable individual in training as a mentor or as a respite care provider.  Likewise, our writers devote hours to planning, locating graphics, writing and editing each post they offer as God's tender voice to their fellow caregivers.

And so, this week's award goes to OUR VOLUNTEERS.
 Are you SERIOUS?!

There is NO WAY we would exist without THEM!!!

There is no amount of love and gratitude that can fully encompass how much each faithful servant of Christ is treasured in relationship with this ministry.  So as we wind down this month of "Love", we praise God for His perfect love on display through all of our AWESOME volunteers with this pictorial tribute:

{Taken from 1 Corinthians 13:4-8, NET}

PRAYER:  Father richly bless each and every volunteer who shares your love through this ministry.  From the smallest gestures that go unseen to those who are on the front lines in community, fill them to overflowing, Lord.  Thank You for using such remarkable individuals to do each little piece of your great kingdom work to bless parents like us.

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