Saturday, March 15, 2014

"Are You Serious?" Awards - Volume IX

When we started this series a few months back, there's no way I thought we would get such overwhelmingly positive feedback.  While we are always glad to provide content that is meaningful to parents, I'm rather ambivalent about these posts.  How can I ever feel good about writing them while those with diff-abilities are mistreated?

I REGRET to announce that this week we have MULTIPLE award winners.  Fasten your seat belts!

Are you SERIOUS?!
  1. Bath and Body Works Montgomery, AL Turns Away Special Needs Students Learning Life Skills -- While the company later apologized, it still comes across as completely demeaning to me.  Check out this quote from the USA TODAY article, "...the manager was confused about what the students were doing in the store and was concerned that a continued influx of students not making purchases would throw off the store's customer-purchase count."  When we're more worried about sales numbers than kids who are just struggling to make it through the basics of life, we've got inverted priorities.  Saying "I'm sorry," and throwing a bottle of lotion at a bunch of students does little to change the wider acceptance and inclusion of those with special needs in our culture.  Perhaps a little company training is in order? 
  2. Chimerix FINALLY agrees to grant "compassionate use" of their drug treating adenovirus to a 7 year old battling a rare cancer -- If this story doesn't show us that we cannot put our trust in anyone other than God and keep relentlessly fighting for our kids, I don't know what does.  Only the unwavering petitions of Josh Hardy's parents and their supporters finally pushed this company to agree with the FDA exception in early release of their treatment awaiting.  It's sad that it took public humiliation to finally get Chimerix president, Kenneth Moch to relent.  Hopefully, this agreement didn't come too late for little Josh. 
  3. DO NOT READ THIS IF YOU HAVE A WEAK STOMACH:  Teens Torture Fellow Teen with Disabilities -- If ever there were evidence of human depravity and need for a Savior in this world, this story is it.  Who are the parents of these two teen assailants?  Where in the WORLD would they come up with the notion to torture and video record an intellectually challenged peer in such horrendous fashion?  Apparently, politicians aren't the only ones we need to be concerned about in the DC area!

Parents, let me encourage you as this post concludes.  Never, EVER give up when it comes to protecting, defending and advocating for your child.  People like this weeks award winners (who are really LOSERS) roam this earth with no mercy.  If you don't stand for your remarkable child, who will?  Keep fighting the good fight!

~ Barb Dittrich

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