Saturday, February 1, 2014


I had to read the news story on this week's winner TWICE.

I couldn't believe it.

A basic desire of every parent raising a child with special needs is that their child would be nurtured by a loving adult who helps them reach their full potential.

NEVER should we have to be concerned that our child would be POISONED -- That's Right, POISONED! -- by an adult hired to help them overcome some of the difficulties involved with their special needs.  Yet, that is exactly what this week's "winner" is accused of doing.

Hailing from Ledbury, Herefordshire, England, Mary Kidson has run a tutoring service for children with autism, sensory issues and learning difficulties out of her home.  She is a parent to a child with just such a diagnosis.  Now she has been charged with 3 counts of attempting to poison one of her students with hydrocortisone tablets.

Are you SERIOUS?!

While Ms. Kidson would be considered innocent-until-proven-guilty in the US system, there is something seriously upsetting about this case.  Either we have a disgruntled parent falsely accusing a professional here, or we have an incredibly creepy parent who has had way too much unsupervised time with students.  No one comes out of this one as a winner.

Besides praying God's TRUTH is revealed in this awful case, I recommend to whoever the offender truly is in this situation... 
Treat people with special needs the way
would want to be treated! 

To read more about this crazy case, read the article in either the Gloucester CITIZEN or the UK Daily Mail.

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