Saturday, January 18, 2014

Saturday "ARE YOU SERIOUS?" Awards: Volume I

It had to be done.  

Every week seems to bring another goofy story of some social faux pas or downright brutal violation of the dignity of those with special needs.

Despite all of the work poured into building acceptance and inclusion, it seems that that there are STILL too many in this day and age who choose to live back in the dark ages.

Perhaps shining a little bit of light on these persons, organizations or situations will help us focus on getting things turned around.

The intent of these weekly awards is to get you laughing at the foolishness of the award winners and shaking your darn head, rather than have smoke coming out of your ears in rage and frustration.  Think of these stories as good bad examples!

And let's face it...  Weekends were made for relaxing with laughter.  So, why not have a little chuckle here at how ridiculous we humans can be!  (As a side note, if you have never heard my talk on "The Healing Power of Humor", we shrink our problems when we can laugh at them.) 

So without further ado, I bring to you Volume I of Snappin's

This week's winner, hands down, is the employee of Panera Bread's Abercorn Street location in Savannah, Georgia who insisted that a 2 year old with special orthopedic shoes remove them because another customer had complained of their squeak.
Are you SERIOUS?!

To Panera's credit, an apology has been issued, and training on such issues increased.

My personal recommendation...
Treat people with special needs the way
would want to be treated!

You can read more details of the story at

~Barb Dittrich

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