Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Our Lives Matter

Have mercy on me, O Lord, for I am weak;
O Lord, heal me, for my bones are troubled.
~ Psalm 6:2, NKJV ~

I couldn't help but sit and cry watching the video.  

Even after nearly 14 eventful years of life, something like this brings back the pain as if it happened yesterday.  

That fear.  

Suddenly having something not-quite-right with your newborn. 

Trying to situate a rocking chair close enough to the IV lines and wires, so you can rock your baby while the NICU works at keeping him alive.  

Watching him helplessly through the glass of an incubator.  

Having your heart broken because a NICU nurse refuses to have you in the room while she puts a new IV line in him.  

That all comes flooding back and crushes your heart after seeing a video like this.

I caught the story of precious Ward Miles' first year of life through his father's viral video last month.  Oh, how I wish I could have hugged his mother!  And my heart takes great delight in following his miraculous, progress.

Benjamin Scot may never fully realize what a tremendous impact he had sharing the very personal story of his own son through video.  It truly captures the fragility of life.

At the same time, I caught some viral photos of a child who didn't have the same happily-ever-after outcome.  Norwegian photographer, Sara Marie Rams√łe, has taken up as her favorite subject an 11-year-old boy named Jon.  This child from her neighborhood was born without eyes, is non-verbal, and also appears to have severe cerebral palsy.

None of these issues are uncommon to a baby born prematurely.

As I look at the startling, poignant, intimate photos of Jon, I can't help but notice how he is loved every bit as much by his mother as the toddling, animated Ward.
Both of these boys reflect God's glory in ways that words cannot express.  Each life has infinite value.

Culture?  I am fairly certain does not get it.

When life is turned on its head, we cry out to God.  He has blessed us with the knowledge to make medical advances that rescue those little humans who spend months moving and beating so close to their mothers' hearts.

Society slides backwards, rejecting the wisdom God offers along with that scientific knowledge.  Our foolishness makes culture bipolar -- Saying, "Aw, isn't that wonderful!" when the outcome is good and, "That child would have been better off dead," when the outcome is not typical.

The pain of my mother-soul wants to scream out to a cold world, "OUR LIVES MATTER!".  We may be weak.  Our bones may be troubled.  But we have a GOD who hears us.  And EVERY life needs some sort of healing.

No matter what the ability level of our children, their lives matter.

If we will slow down this manic world, running at break-neck speed long enough to look at tiny fingers or the non-verbal tear running down a face, perhaps we will see it.
God's glory in just being.

How strange that we want science to advance, we search foreign planets for signs of life, yet we ignore the fragile treasure of life right under our noses.  We will spend billions on digging through moon sand, but express disdain at the way money is spent on treatments for a child with autism, or spina bifida, or you name it.  We have become completely turned upside down.

Sorry for the mental meandering...

It's just the tears of a mother's heart talking.

PRAY:  LORD, slow us down long enough to notice the miracle right underneath our noses.  Awaken every human heart and mind to the realization that they are just one emergency room visit away from being a family with special needs.  Provoke compassion and push back the darkness of those who see no value in the lives of our children.

~ Barb Dittrich


  1. Thanks for sharing this video and your comments on it!

  2. My honor, Ann. These kids are a treasure. If we don't shout this out to the world, who will?