Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Chosen Treasure

For you are a holy people, who belong to the LORD your God.
Of all the people on earth, the LORD your God has chosen you
to be his own special treasure.
~ Deuteronomy 7:6 nlt ~

I still remember my first victory as a step-parent. 

My [soon-to-be] husband and I had spend an entire day battling with his two boys: 12 year old with RAD/ODD/ADHD and 4 year old with ADHD/Asperger/Sensory Issues.  At the end of the day, after the kids were all tucked in, he and I snuck out to get a quick bit of grocery shopping done.  We only got halfway down the first aisle before we stopped, looked at each other, and started laughing out loud.  "We did it!" I said to him.  "All day long, we didn't give in!  They pushed every single button and we didn't cave!"  I let images of the day's challenges wash over me as I fully internalized what this new definition of "victory" looked like.  

As I took it all in, in the middle of that grocery store, it dawned on me that I finally understood a fraction of how much my parents love me.  Day after day, they experienced these kind of battles and kept going.  They never backed down.  And even on the worst of days, they still loved me and would defend me to anyone who threatened my well-being.  I was (and still am) their special treasure.  They love me; they love me not because I earned their love.  They love me because they made me and I am a part of them.  I am a creation and living symbol of their love and commitment to one another and to God. 

God offers us this same love, magnified by infinity.  We are his special treasures; He loves us because we are his.  He declared his love for the Israelites in the desert a long time ago and still proclaims it to us today as his chosen people:
"For you are a holy people, who belong to the LORD your God.  Of all the people on earth, the LORD your God has chosen you to be his own special treasure.  The LORD did not choose you and lavish his love on you because you were larger or greater than other nations, for you were the smallest of all nations!  It was simply because the LORD loves you..."  (Deuteronomy 7:6-8a, nlt)
He loves me; I am his special treasure.  He loves me not because I am important or great - I am the "least of these."  When we slip and fall, we don't need to wait until next January to have a fresh start with him; he promises to complete the good work he began in us regardless of how many fights we pick with him.

Each night, after the day is complete and the battles are won (or lost), as I replay the day in my mental movie theater, I will rejoice in my special treasures and remember that I am HIS special treasure. 

PRAY: Dear Lord, it makes no sense that you would love me enough to sacrifice your own perfect son for an eternity with me.  I thank you for blessing me with my own special treasures so that I may just begin to understand the kind of love you have for me.  May I grow each day in your likeness so that my children can see YOUR love each day through me.  Amen.

Emily Krill

Photo credit: hisks

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