Saturday, January 25, 2014

"ARE YOU SERIOUS?" Awards: Volume II

We kicked it off last week.

As I said, "Despite all of the work poured into building acceptance and inclusion, it seems that that there are STILL too many in this day and age who choose to live back in the dark ages."

Last week's sad winner was the employee of Panera Bread's Abercorn Street location in Savannah, Georgia who insisted that a 2 year old with special orthopedic shoes remove them because another customer had complained of their squeak.

This week's winner moves from the barista in Georgia to a group of political players in Texas.

In a fierce, and seemingly ugly campaign for governor of the Lone Star State, some campaign workers for candidate Wendy Davis were caught on video having a MORE than unsavory conversation about her opponent Greg Abbott.  Apparently, these workers found it funny that Abbott uses a wheelchair due to paraplegia, while their campaign slogan is "Stand With Wendy".  In the video, they also go on to mock their opponent's looks as well as they way he speaks.  In fact, the candidate herself is on record as making the outrageous statement, "he hasn't walked a mile in my shoes."

Are you SERIOUS?!

This inappropriate speech and mocking of a diff-abled person make the Wendy Davis Campaign this week's award "winner" and good bad example.

To her credit, Wendy Davis did call this behavior "abhorrent".  However, taking back words and actions like this are much like trying to get toothpaste back in the tube.  If I were a Texan, any candidate who themselves spoke and behaved like this, and who had workers that spoke and behaved like this, would make me wonder if they would protect the best interests of families living with special needs.

Of course, my personal recommendation...

Treat people with special needs the way
would want to be treated! 
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