Wednesday, December 18, 2013

It's Go Time

Then the Lord said to Moses, 
“Why are you crying out to me? 
Tell the people to get moving!” 
Exodus 14:15 NLT

Someone once told me that the word encourage means “to increase courage” within an individual.  That stuck with me because, so many times in life, the only thing holding me back is my fear.  I question if I’m enough – even with God beside me – I worry that I will somehow get in the way and screw up God’s plan.  I get stuck in what-if's and lose sight of the hope, fearful that the turmoil of the moment is not just “just a phase.”  There are even times when I fear the quiet moments; I worry that it is just the calm before the storm. 

In Exodus 14, the Israelites had just been set free from the bondage of Egypt and were on their way to the Promised Land.  They were camped at the edge of the Red Sea when the Pharaoh’s heart became hard again and he gathered his army to retrieve his slaves.  The Israelites turned to Moses and complained but he said to the people:
“Don’t be afraid.  Just stand where you are and watch the Lord rescue you.  The Egyptians that you see today will never be seen again.  The Lord himself will fight for you.  You won’t have to lift a finger in your defense.”  (Exodus 14:13-14 NLT)

When I read those words – “The Lord himself will fight for you” – I feel invincible.  My body becomes alive with strength and courage.  All of the voices of fear within my head vanish and my mind becomes clear and focused.  He increases my courage.  In the very next verse, God speaks:
Then the Lord said to Moses,Why are you crying out to me?  Tell the people to get moving!” (Exodus 14:15 NLT)

That's God saying IT'S GO TIME! 
  • That meltdown my son is having – don't cry, get moving!  THE LORD HIMSELF WILL FIGHT FOR ME.  He will give me His patience, His peace, and His wisdom.
  • I snap, lose my temper, with someone I love (again) and don’t behave like a child of God – don't cry, get moving!  THE LORD HIMSELF WILL FIGHT FOR ME.  I can ask for forgiveness in humility and my mistake will be as far from me as the east is from the west. 
  • Our bills are due and we don’t have the money to pay them all – don't cry, get moving!  THE LORD HIMSELF WILL FIGHT FOR US.  We will do what we can with what we have and continue to trust that God will show us what to do in the gap. 
  • I feel like a failure; I question if my existence really does matter – don't cry, get moving!  THE LORD HIMSELF WILL FIGHT FOR ME.  He sent his son to live a perfect life and die in MY place.  I do matter. 

God himself witnessed his beautiful creation of man fall from grace in the Garden of Eden.  He himself fought for them by promising a Savior who would take on our sin in human form and do all that we could not do.  The Son of God came to earth, lived a perfect life, and when the time was right – stopped crying out and to His Father and got moving to the cross.

This Christmas, as we reflect upon the perfect Son of God, lying in a manger, I will remember His promise and let it be what increases my courage.  He will fight for me.  It's go time. 

Pray:  Dear Lord, in you I am victorious over each second in this world.  You will fight for me not because I have earned it but because you love me.  This Christmas, I praise you for your power and strength.  I need nothing because I have you by my side, fighting for me.  My tears will be that of courage - I will get moving in joy!  You are my strength.  Amen

- Emily Krill
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