Friday, November 8, 2013

Is God’s Truth Sinking In, Or Am I Just Plain Old Sinking??


One of my favorite verses taunted me.
Does God really mean I can do EVERYTHING through His strength?  It’s not His might or power that I question it’s my ability to access His strength in the midst of my son’s meltdown.   Being non-verbal Luke isn’t able to tell me what’s hurting but I know something is.
He’s crying, screaming, and banging his head, which happens, but he’s crying real tears and it just seems different.  The meltdowns happened several times over the weekend. I was weary and stressed out trying to keep him safe and figure out what was going on.  It made me snap at my husband and my older “typical” son Brandon. 

It’s been a couple days and Luke seems a little better now--at least for the moment!  And I’m realizing something.  I need to remember God’s truth but I also must believe that it’s true.  So much of how what I’m believing/thinking/feeling depends on what my outer circumstances are.  On how things are going.

Yet as any parent of a special needs person(s) knows, things can blow up at any minute. Therefore, it’s a must to remember, claim and believe the Lord’s words to us in the Bible.

He says we can do everything by His strength.  His Word and whispers to us help us remember that whatever challenges we face, through Him, we are more than conquerors.  This is the truth no matter how we are doing.  No matter how our special needs loved ones are behaving.

This makes me wonder:  Am I letting this truth sink in or am I just sinking?
PRAY:  Lord Jesus, thank you so much for Your Word.  Help us to cling to You and remember the truth.  That You are our strength and help.  May we live that out today.

--By Deb Abbs


  1. Deep truths that even parents of "typical" children need to embrace and remember. Thanks for that, Deb!

    1. If only each morning we could rely on God's strength. How much better our day would be!