Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Sisterhood of Warrior Moms

For I want very much to see you, in order to share a spiritual blessing with you to make you strong. What I mean is that both you and I will be helped at the same time, you by my faith and I by yours. 
~ Romans 1:11-12, GNT ~

I am feeling my oats today.  I recently launched a full-on assault against some pediatric specialists who proved themselves unworthy of caring for my child.  Don't get me wrong -- I wasn't nasty.  I did, however, assert myself by documenting troubles and mailing that documentation with complaint letters to these specialists, either requesting change or telling them that they were no longer in our employ.  To my surprise, the specialist whom I had asked for change called me today with great kindness, assuring me that they still want us as patients of their clinic. He suggested that we work with the specialist that he recently hired away from his previous employer, a younger doctor, well-acquainted with current best practices and methodologies.

I felt a send of victory and relief as a "warrior mom" who had firmly, but politely, advocated on behalf of her child.  The situation could have gone the other way.  This specialist could have called me with great irritation or disdain after receiving my letter.  Yet, he responded with professionalism and my goal was achieved.

Sharing the Spiritual Blessing

The balance of fighting for our children while hoping not to lose our cool or make our status worse, makes our sisterhood of warrior moms essential.  Our  stories serve to encourage one another.  We gain strength by watching each other conquer obstacles.

The enemy you are sparring with might be financial.  In watching you, I might learn to be a better steward of my earnings.  I could learn about a new resource for financial aid or patient assistance.  You may even show me what my rights are with disputing a health insurance claim denial.  In such mind-numbing territory, you strengthen me.

I might be doing battle with my child's school.  In watching me, you might learn about educational rights.  You could gain knowledge about navigating an IEP.  I may even point you to some excellent online resources or a local advocate to help you.  In dealing with such a stressful piece of  the education journey, I strengthen you.

And when any of us charges forth in these warrior mom encounters with godly integrity, we kick the inspiration, strength and spiritual blessing to a whole new level.  If you can be firm, but fair, and still treat your adversary as a child of God, then you make it possible for me to do so as well.  If I can keep my cool in a meeting with those who seem to be working against me and my child, but vent to you afterward, then I am demonstrating for you a Christ-like response to our "enemies".

Spurring Each Other To Greatness

"As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend," Proverbs 27:17 (NLT) tells us.  This sisterhood of warrior moms keeps our fights clean and assures God's best for us.  We spur one another on to greatness as we live our lives out loud, sharing the journey together.  We inspire the best in each other as we share our stories, encourage, and comfort other battle-weary sojourners.

Thank you to all of my fellow warrior moms.  You help make me the mother God intends me to be for my remarkable children.

PRAY:  Yahweh God, thank You for making us relational beings.  Bless my warrior mom sisters!  Thank You for their example and the way they strengthen me.  I pray that I might be an equal encouragement to these fellow parents.  

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