Friday, July 19, 2013

SAVING SUMMER: Smooth Sailing

You pick me up and let the wind carry me away.
    You toss me around with a storm.
~ Job 30:22, GW ~

It was a wildly windy Summer day when we newlyweds decided to venture out on our Hobie Cat.  Giddy with expectation, we ran down to our pier.  It wasn't often that we had enough of a breeze in the evening that we could take out this craft, two pontoons with a canvas stretched between them, and a sail reaching to the sky.  I was clueless about sailing, other than I knew to duck and move over when the captain of the craft said we were going to "come about."  That surely didn't stop me from enjoying how fast we were screaming across the lake, even getting up on one pontoon as we sailed.

Unfortunately, my beloved wasn't the world's most experienced sailor.  Not having set any particular course and adjust the sails accordingly, we found ourselves stuck in a bay that we could not escape in the wild zephyr.  It was as if we had been painted into a corner.  There was no tacking to escape where we found ourselves trapped.  Eventually, we had to drop the sail, beach the craft and find someone who lived lakeside, willing to tow us back home.

Who knew that decades later, our Summer raising children with special needs would look much like this tumultuous catamaran ride?  It's a journey that so many others like us can identify with.  Just like that fateful lake cruise, we look forward to those warm months for some rare enjoyment with those we love.  With great anticipation we bound into the time at the end of the school year, feeling freedom, and a sunny lightness.

It certainly isn't unusual for us to quickly learn that, just like the wind on our ride, things are a little out of control.  We're pushed along by something that is too strong for us to handle on our own.  Feeling ill prepared to deal with this, we fail to adjust our sails accordingly and have no course planned.  It's not long before we feel trapped, panicked, and completely helpless to get ourselves out of the situation we are in with our kids at home.

That's when we need to drop the sail, pull our boat to shore, and ask for some help.  God is glad to give it.  He is ready and able to pull us through the most battering, chaotic circumstances we find ourselves in.

Maybe that's the true message of these Summers that need saving.  We must remain ever-aware that we can do nothing apart from God's help.  Our trust for Him is not misplaced when we find ourselves wondering if we will ever get out of life's ugly messes.  Living one moment at a time, just doing the next right thing, lowering our expectations, and loving our family right where we're at is enough to redeem this season.  And eventually, as we press in to the tender care of our Maker, we will find smooth sailing.  Not that our circumstances will necessarily be trouble-free, but the One who controls the wind and the waves is surely strong enough to carry us through.

PRAY:  Jesus, silencer of the storms, quiet the turmoil inside of me.  Redeem these remaining days of Summer for our family.  Help us to be more longsuffering with one another.  Get us through the challenges, and leave us with happy memories of Your countless little blessings as our season together ends.

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  1. Sometimes God calms the storm, sometimes He calms the sailor but sometimes He makes us swim. I love this picture of how big our God is in out tempestuous sea of life. Thankyou x