Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Praying for YOU

We always pray and give thanks to God for you...
~ Colossians 1:3, NLV ~

In case you are one of our regular blog readers and haven't yet heard the news, our ministry has recently developed an application or "app" for parents of children with special needs to use on phones and tablet devices.  You can download this app for FREE at both the Google Play Store and the iTunes Store, depending upon the device you have.  It is a truly amazing tool.

One of the exciting parts of being able to offer this tool to parents is the fact that they can connect to compassion, encouragement and resources no matter where they are.  You can read more about the key features to the app on the post I wrote for our leadership blog.  Both this devotional blog and that leadership blog can be accessed directly through the app.

There is an amazing feature which I purposely did not detail in the leadership post.  I can think of way too many times where I was in a doctor's waiting room or sitting in a hospital with a child when I wish I could have connected to others in prayer.  The isolation of being stuck in a medical setting, trapped with my own thoughts can be awful at times.  It has made a huge difference in my personal well-being and the psyche of my children when we have known we were being prayed for or that there were others joining with us in prayer.  

I am not the only one who has enjoyed these benefits from prayer.  Myriad studies show, not necessarily increased healing, but increased ability to cope, improved quality of life and enhanced strength to fight depression provided by the practice of prayer.  Both intercession and personal supplication have been the subject of these examinations.  Those of use who love the Lord need no such studies to prove prayer's worth.

Because of the tremendous need for prayer, especially when we are experiencing the challenges or celebrations of special needs, our new app makes a prayer wall available to those who use it.  Under the section entitled "More" on the Home Page, there is a specific section entitled "Prayers and Praises".  This remarkable feature allows parents to post prayer concerns, share updates that have them rejoicing and even empowers every user to be about the work of prayer for those on the "wall".  

For iPhone or iPad users, simply touch the + symbol on the app and write your prayer, comment, concern or praise. Once your are finished, click "Submit" and it is immediately posted.  You also have the ability to "Cancel" if you don't care for what you have just written.

For Android users, when you are on the Prayer and Praises Wall, tap your "Menu" button, which will automatically bring up the "Add" button.  Click on "Add" and begin writing your prayer as described for Apple device users.  Once again, click "Submit" or "Cancel" to finish.

The amazing part is that SNAPPIN' MINISTRIES has the ability to see every prayer posted and respond to it.  We can join you in prayer or respond to comments.  Likewise, inappropriate remarks or comments can be deleted promptly.

Goodbye isolation!  What an incredible opportunity to connect to others in prayer!  What comfort to know that even as we are undergoing, others are lifting us up!  There is no need to ever be without someone who will be offering you spiritual support, no matter where you are.

Please download the app today and avail yourself of the tremendous tools God has orchestrated just for you.  It is our high privilege to be the willing conduit to make this happen for every hard-working parent of a child with special needs.

PRAY:  Lord, we give You thanks for being El Roi, "the God who sees".  You have seen the needs of parents raising children with unique challenges, and You know what tools will bless them.  Thank You for making these tools available to the benefit of so many!

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