Friday, May 31, 2013

Destroying to Build

There is a time for everything,
    and everything on earth has its special season...
 There is a time to kill
    and a time to heal.
There is a time to destroy
    and a time to build.
~ Ecclesiasted 3:1, 3 ~

We parents of children with special needs are repeatedly called upon to do difficult things.  Often times, just the daily living with our kids and their chronic diagnoses can be challenging enough.   Yet, there are times we must escort our precious children into the depths of destruction in order that they may be victoriously rebuilt.  Talk about emotionally and mentally demanding!

I have been there countless times myself.  The 2,000+ times our son has been through the pain, and at times, horror, of IV needle pokes over the past 13 years have walked him towards physical safety, better joint health and indeed, even life.  Most recently, I fought a hard won battle to usher our youngest daughter into removal of her tonsils and adenoids, as well as having her nose cauterized on both sides.  I was motivated knowing how important this miserable maneuver was to a little girl who faces frequent bouts of tonsillitis, while also being severely allergic to every antibiotic but one.

Sensing the wisdom of the Holy Spirit poured into my heart, has helped me face these ugly things.  Knowing that God has deemed such times, such decisions as appropriate in due season, gives me the strength to walk with my children into the necessary dark valleys.  He equips me with discernment and motherly instinct just for times like these.

I realize that I am not the only parent who must venture into destruction for the sake of my children's ultimate benefit because I have walked through it with so many others.  There was the mother who sat with her non-verbal son wretching in the hospital after having rods surgically placed on both sides of his spine, so he wouldn't suffocate from scoliosis.  There have been the multiple families dealing with Botox injections or heal cord surgeries in hopes of increasing their son's or daughter's mobility.  There was the parent who had to make their child pick up cereal pieces off the toilet seat to desensitize them to their OCD symptoms.  And oh, the anguish of many families deciding on residential living when the prospects are more hopeful for their special child somewhere other than home.

To hearten us all, the Lord reminds us that He has endured the same with His only Son.  To build humanity up for eternity, He had to walk Jesus into the destructive valleys of rejection by family and neighbors, derision by religious authorities, homelessness, poverty, and even the torture of a crucifying death.  Our Heavenly Father knows the tough decisions we face because He faced them too, and more.

My fellow warrior parent, do not be discouraged or full of self-doubt when you sense the call to walk towards something that may seem destructive or difficult in the short-term.  Feel your Ultimate Fellow Parent walking with you into those times He has ordained as seasons of destroying to build.  Know that you are stepping heavenward with wisdom as you move through every new trial you confront.

PRAY:  Father God, strengthen me for every time an season you call me to face as a parent.

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