Monday, April 22, 2013

Riding the Clouds

A storm will blow the evil person away,
    but a good person will always be safe.
~ Proverbs 10:25, NCV ~

I was recently scheduled to fly out of state as some stormy weather was moving through town.  A huge front moved from east to west bringing snow to one part of the nation, flooding rains to others, and even tornadoes to some.  When I arrived at the airport, a menacing morning fog hung in the air, making me wonder if we would even be able to get out.  I couldn't wait to break free of the persistent, cold, gloom and darkness.

As we took off and climbed to our cruising altitude, it took great effort to push through that which oppressively battered us.  The plane pitched and shook.  We never did reach a point where the ride was smooth or the ride felt safe.  It was white knuckles and seat belts for restraint the entire ride.  And even though the skies were a little bit clearer before landing, the rough winds prevailed making our arrival just as choppy.

Isn't parenting our children with special needs much like that?  When our child is first diagnosed or we discover there's trouble, that lightning strikes, shaking our world with dark heaviness all around.  The storm may even leave waves lapping at our ankles, threatening to drown us.  We're in a fog.  We wonder if we will ever get out of this storm.  

As we learn to live daily with our child's chronic condition, we take flight, pushing through the battering storm and angry clouds, hoping to reach a cruising altitude where it's smooth sailing.  Yet, we may never have a placid, problem-free ride.  It's not uncommon to find ourselves shaken with many ups and downs.  It can feel unstable as we hold on for dear life, just praying to arrive safely.  The many bumps we continue to face cause us to use restraint and sometimes, to remain fastened in our seats.  We are so often reminded by others that in an emergency, we need to put our own oxygen mask on before we can effectively assist someone else.  We tune our ear to the Pilot and hang on his every instruction.  We do make forward progress and see sunny skies, but it's never calm or carefree.

The good news is that we have the most capable Pilot in the universe.  He helps us take flight when we feel as if we might be forever stuck in thick fog, persistent darkness or lightning that strikes more than once.  God doesn't promise us a smooth, trouble-free ride.  He knows we may get sick to our stomachs, white-knuckle it and intensely dislike our journey.  Yet, with Him at the helm, safe arrival at our final destination is secured.

What Jesus wants from us is our full attention and trust.  He wants us to obey his specific instructions for our own good.  That's not always easy to do when we're feeling shaken-up by our journey and freaked-out by the sudden ups and downs.  Those are the times we need to realize He knows infinitely more than we do, so it only makes sense to cooperate.

Buckle up, my friend!  This journey of special needs parenthood may be a bumpy ride, but He will give you glimpses of blue sky amidst the storm, and will remain steadfast as you trust in Him.

PRAY:  Father, thank you that you assure me of safe passage on this rocky ride.  Comfort and remind me that You have me in the palm of your hand, bringing me securely home no matter how this life tosses us about.

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