Friday, December 28, 2012

My Special Mom Resolutions

“Behold, I am making all things new.” ~ Revelation 21:5, NASB

Ah, the beginning of a New Year, wrought with possibility and fresh beginnings!  There's something terrific about turning over that calendar and looking forward to the next 12 months while kicking the past 12 out the door. 

While I am not one to make New Year resolutions, a couple of nagging things that occurred this past month made me think, Gee, I had better get that under control in the upcoming year.  I bet you can identify with a few of these:
  1. Never leave the gas tank  on fumes assuming that your spouse will fill it, for it is then that you will need to rush the 30 miles to the nearest children's hospital.  Yes, more than once this year, and even this month, I found myself in a panicked rush to get enough fuel in the tank to get us to our destination in a timely manner.
  2. Shower every day for you will have to rush to a children's hospital 30 miles away on the very day after you decided to skip showering.  Call me crazy, but I just doubt that the doctors and hospital staff take me as seriously when I am not looking or smelling fresh as a daisy.
  3. Plug that cell phone every night to recharge it.  The one time you forget will be the very time you are out in public, away from your charger, and awaiting a return phone call from a doctor or school.
  4. Keep those follow-up appointments and/or follow through on those referrals.  Even when you don't think your child needs them, 6 months down the road when you find that you actually do, professionals will look down their noses with disdain, giving you the disgusted "bad parent" look, adding unneeded stress to the moment at hand.
  5. Always have enough cash in your purse for that unexpected stop at McDonald's.  There's nothing worse than finally getting out of that insanely long ER visit or appointment with a specialist, hungry enough to chew your leg off, and having no money to buy you and your depleted child something quick to eat.
  6. Never be without some form of frozen or instant meal (aka Mac 'n' Cheese) in your home.  When your head is throbbing from the IEP, or your child has had a remarkably tough day self-regulating, or you've spent countless hours on the phone dealing with the insurance company, the last thing you feel like doing is whipping up a creative meal for the family.
  7. Don't forget to make those doctor's appointments for yourself.  While it's easy for parents like us to be sick of darkening the door of a doctor's office, few things are as embarrassing as the look of shock the physician's assistant gives you when you tell her it's been a decade since your last mammogram.  And of course, who will take care of that sweet child of yours if you are not healthy enough to do it?
  8. Have a terrific little book like God's Promises for Women or God's Words of Life for Moms close by at all times because when you do inevitably forget all of the above, only the encouragement of God will keep you from completely losing your mind.
I hope my special mom resolutions will help you as you look forward to the New Year or at least entertain you.  You would think I would have this down after 12+ years of parenting a child with special needs, but alas, I do not.  By the time I have all of this mastered, the children will probably be grown.

What are your special mom resolutions?  It would be great to compare notes!

PRAY:  Lord, I surely don't have it all together.  But in You, I have it all!  Help me to remember that as I go forward with my precious family into this New Year.


  1. After being caught in two disasters with my gas tank on fumes (an earthquake in California in the 90's and the grid failure in the Midwest several Augusts ago), I resolved to fill up every time I was at half-full.

  2. It's not very exciting but something I've promised myself to do in 2013 is to separate my son's billions of papers into categorized notebooks. One for school and IEPs, one for medical only and one for therapy only (separate from school). I've kept them all together and it's a mess now!
    Happy almost new years eve!

  3. Kristi, it doesn't have to be exciting. Any step forward we can take to make our lives more manageable is a good one! As my kids put it today, "Happy New Year's Eve Eve!"