Friday, November 30, 2012



Pastor Terry's sermon series is heavy on my heart and in my mind.  FAITH AT WORK is the title, sowing seeds through every-day evangelization. It has left me with the nagging question, "Who will be in heaven because they came into contact with me?  Who do I share the Good News with?"

I've poured the Good News of salvation into my kids, and that's a good start.  If I died tomorrow, I could be at peace knowing that I gave them the underpinnings they need for a life in Christ.

However, I was especially convicted when I did the Woman-to-Woman training with Great Lakes Hemophilia Foundation this weekend.  One of the trainers said, "I talk to everyone I come into contact with about this.  Nobody gets away from me without hearing the (advocacy) message."  If these women have such passion about sharing information which is temporal, why aren't I at least as relentless in sharing what is eternal?

I need to remember the wise words of Margo Fieseler when she met me in the hall at the YMCA, "Don't do ministry.  Be ministry."  That is so very simple, yet so very hard.  People are watching, whether we know it or not.  So if I can just do my best, as unto the Lord and to to men (Colossians 3:23), perhaps I will be doing that part which God has in mind for me right now.  The Pocket Devotional for Mothers left me with this thought today, "Do your best each day; God will fill in the gaps."  Thank You for that encouragement, Lord!

*Footnote:  Journal posts are taken from past years on my special needs journey, offering parents a chance to identify with another person who has faced similar emotions and circumstances.

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