Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Speaking LIFE Into Our Kids

I can do all things through Christ, because he gives me strength. ~ Philippians 4:13, NCV

Our kids with special needs find themselves in a world of impossibilities.  Before their little minds are even fully aware, they are faced with obstacles.  It doesn't take long for them to realize that their bodies don't necessarily work the way everyone else's do.  Their understanding often can't keep up with others their age.  And they sit in countless appointments where doctors think they are doing them a favor by putting limitations on their future capabilities.

Go deeper into our culture, and now you find our kids' very lives are viewed as one huge, worthless limitation.  The new dawn of "wrongful birth" lawsuits that enable parents to sue because they were not given the opportunity, through a doctor's determination of fetal health, to abort their disabled child rather than bring them into this world, devalues all of our special children.  It sends them the insidious message, "Your life isn't worth living."

But parents living in Christ know better!  Every day, we see the miracle of life in our children.  We live cherished moments with kids we were told, "will never be able to..." and see how much they are able, because of our awesome God.  We invest time and energy in their incredible potential because we realize that when a doctor is described as "practicing medicine," he or she is doing exactly that, practicing rather than executing an exact science.  With holy eyes, we are able to see the value God places in each life, no matter what that life is able to perform in the physical or intellectual realms.

The young boy pictured above is one of those victorious children.  At a recent event, our shuttle buses were unable to deliver participants because of wet mud.  In their place, four-wheel-drive pick-up trucks shuttled kids and their parents further onto the property where we were planting seedling pine trees, creating crafts together and enjoying hot cocoa and homemade treats.  The boy above refused a ride and walked the half-mile muddy trek out to the heated tents and activities.  His mother beamed as she stood by her determined son, who would not let cerebral palsy and walking with a walker limit  how he would enjoy his day.

Whether our children are self-starters or not, as parents, God calls us to speak life into these children of ours.  We foster that endurance with the can-do language we speak into and pray into our sons and daughters.  We teach them to put into perspective a world that tells them they can't by acquainting them with a God who says "I can!"  We assure them of their infinite value by making them aware of how their Creator has a unique plan for them.

When my son is having difficulty doing yet another infusion, tired of being jabbed with IV needles over 3,000 times in his 12 years of life, I sing to him Matthew West's version of the above Scripture.  Tears may flow, but there is immediate comfort and strength that is brought forth by a verse that I have prayed with him since he was an infant.  My prayer for you is that your family would find such a way to speak such life into one another every day!

Pray:  You choose the foolish things of this world to confound the wise.  Use our family today as an example to the world of Your infinite capability!

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