Tuesday, March 6, 2012

CRAZY About You - A Lenten Meditation

"My Child" by David Bowman
It was before Passover, and Jesus knew that the time had come for him to leave this world and to return to the Father. He had always loved his followers in this world, and he loved them to the very end.~ John 13:1, CEV

Dream a little with me.  Wouldn't it be nice to have someone who was absolutely crazy about you?  They would make you their top priority, know every detail about you.  They would be concerned about your hurts and share all your joys.  But they would also want only the very best for you to the point that they would be willing to be the object of your anger if it meant stopping you from destroying yourself forever.  They would comfort and encourage you when you couldn't go on.  And they would even work behind the scenes to your benefit, whether you knew it or not.

Actually, we're not dreaming.  There is Someone who is truly that crazy about each and every one of us individually.  He walked the earth over 2,000 years ago, and he's still alive today.  His name is Jesus Christ.

Hang out with me here for awhile, and think on this rather than glossing through it.  Imagine living in painless, tearless, awesome joy, life as it should be.  Angels attend to you.  Saints sing your praises and bow down before you.  Would you want to leave that?  No.  I wouldn't either.  Yet, that is what Jesus gave up to come into our messy, broken world for 33 years. 

He didn't just come into our world and live in discomfort as a highly honored human either.  Instead, Jesus, who knows the beginning from the end and the end from the beginning, willingly came into a situation where he was born into a family in an oppressed country.  He was born in the utter stink and squalor of a dung-filled cave where those of a trade equal to today's garbage men or pig farmers kept warm at night.  He subjected himself to all the limitations of being human such as pain, disappointment, exhaustion, humiliation, hunger and illness.  And Jesus' hands were worn from learning the trade of his earthly father.  He was homeless, wandering and rejected by the very people to whom he was delivering his message of hope.  He was insulted without insulting back, spat upon, hit, threatened, lied about without waging a defense, falsely convicted, scourged, tortured and brutally murdered.

All of these lengths the High and Holy God of heaven went to just to let you know how CRAZY He is about YOU...  Yes, little, flawed, average, human YOU!  He did this not only to make sure the price of justice would be paid, so that you could be with Him in eternity forever, but also so you knew the infinite worth you have.  Through His sacrifice you have value and meaning.  His life gives your life purpose.  He even became one of you, so you would know He fully understands you!  Hallelujah!

Spend a little time today catching yourself smiling as you reflect on what insane love Someone has for you.  Unlike human love, it's a love that knows no end and spares no expense.  It's a love that treasures who you are and stretches you to become the best you can be.  Where else can you find a love like this?  Nowhere!  Quiet yourself for awhile and bask in that love today.

Pray:  Jesus, in a season that's all about Your very life on this earth, let me not  grow dulled to this passionate, crazy love You have for me.  Let it penetrate the deepest parts of my heart and mind.  May it not leave me where it finds me.

~ Barb Dittrich

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