Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Don't Forget the Batteries!

"...And how very great is his power at work in us who believe. This power working in us is the same as the mighty strength which he used when he raised Christ from death and seated him at his right side in the heavenly world."  (Ephesians 19-20, GNT)

We've turned the corner on Christmas!  It's the last week of Advent, and the stretch to the holiday is here.

How often in these days prior to our celebration do we hear in stores and on television, "Don't forget the batteries"?  These compact cells of electrochemical energy are the power source for toys, cameras, electronic entertainment and so many other things we depend on to fully enjoy our Christmas.  One doubt of how much we rely on these essential items is wiped away when we make the fatal mistake of forgetting them.  Nothing can dampen the event like not having the needed power to bring things to life.

Funny how this becomes a no-brainer when it comes to getting an electronic device to work, but is so easily forgotten in our spiritual life!  Life is demanding, especially this time of year.  Yet, how often do we, as followers of Jesus forget "the batteries"?  We try to tackle every need, every dilemma and every temptation on our own.  Yet, there is a power source we were given when we invited Jesus into our lives as Savior, Lord and Leader that we fail to plug in.

What I am speaking of is that gift of the Holy Spirit within us.  In theory, there is a new Person in control in our lives when we accept Jesus' free gift of salvation.  Yet, we often "forget the batteries".  We try to continue handling life in our own power, which by comparison to God's is no power at all.  Consumed by a frantic schedule, we jump into the day without even plugging in to our very source.

This fall I had the blessed opportunity to learn about and spend time with that Source at the BSL Retreat "Captivated:  Led by the Spirit".  There, my sweet friend Margo, led us through an awesome weekend where we got to know the Holy Spirit as a Person, who wants an intimate, personal relationship with each individual.  He dwells within us and guides us with His supreme wisdom and strength.  In Him, we have all we will ever need for any situation.  But we must open our ears to hear His voice through both His Bible and our conscience.

Do you feel like you are hanging by a thread this Christmas?  The Holy Spirit is your Comforter.  He will keep you in His strength and peace through all of the demands and frenzy of celebration.  Are you anxious about dealing with family or children?  Give the Spirit full control over the situation, and breathe in that sigh of relief.  Rest and trust in His goodness.  Do you find yourself unsure of how to manage the holiday with few financial resources and many concerns about your child's behavior at church, school or home?  Share the concerns of your heart with that Person who indwells you.  Listen for His wisdom as He shares a fresh word with you from God's word or reminds you of scripture you have already written on your heart.  He will grant you the discernment and perspective that is so very needed at times like this.

Praise God that you have everything you need to make this a special, meaningful Christmas with those you love!  All you need to remember is "Don't forget the Batteries"!

Pray:  Holy Spirit, you give new meaning when I read that You will supply all my needs.  Your provision goes far beyond what is material to what is divine.  Help me to remember now that I don't have to tackle everything on my own.  I can rely on the fullness of Your power and wisdom to care for me in every way.  That is truly awesome!

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