Thursday, November 17, 2011


Give discernment to me, your servant... ~ Psalm 119:125, NLT

If you're anything like me, some days you wish you had a field guide to figure out your child's behavior.  All too often, I struggle with understanding why my youngest treasure with ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder and social deficits just won't settle in to her own bed for the night.  It bewilders me when she overheats on days that the rest of us would find freezing.  I can go in another room to speak quietly in private with my husband, but she hears every word.  And I just had to talk to her today about some very rough play I saw her engaging in with another little girl right after school.  I ask myself, What is causing this, and what is an effective way of dealing with it?

Well, have I discovered an amazing resource for us!  Angie Voss' UNDERSTANDING YOUR CHILD'S SENSORY SIGNALS: A Practical Daily Use Handbook for Parents and Teachers is the easy reference so many of us parents have been waiting for.  The book begins with a brief one-page explanation of how to use this volume.  It then proceeds with a list entitled "Find Your Sensory Signal" which functions much like a table of contents.  This sensory signal list provides a vast array of behaviors and symptoms for readers to reference.  In fact, I went through all 3 pages of the list placing a check mark next to each one that my daughter displays.

As you reference the page that each sensory signal is on, a quick, helpful concentration of information is available to you.  At the top of the page, the sensory category of that behavior is identified.  For example, something you are seeing in a child may be tactile, vestibular, self-regulatory or the like.  A sensory explanation of that specific behavior is then detailed.  This can be particularly helpful because for the amateur, the senses involved may not be overtly obvious.  Next, possible questions are listed which can help determine if a behavior truly is sensory in origin.  How excellent to have these insights when you don't even know what questions to ask!  Finally, each page of sensory signals ends with a list of ideas to help.  What a fabulous, turn-key way to put practical information to immediate use! 

Asterisks abound on these pages as certain recommendations are given further explanation in the back of the book.  These are described in detail under the Sensory Tools and Resources section.  Sensory definitions are also described further at the back of the book.

UNDERSTANDING YOUR CHILD'S SENSORY SIGNALS is a new release that you will want to make sure you add to your bookshelf.  The more than 20 years experience Angie Voss possesses as an occupational therapist is put to ready use in this terrific new tool for the busy parent or educator of a child with special needs.  Given the transitory or voluntary nature of those working with our kids in a church setting, this would also be a great addition to the library of children's ministry workers! 

In fact, this book is such a clever idea that we would like to give a copy of it away in a drawing!  Just comment below why you would like to win a copy of Angie's book, and we will draw the winner a week from today!

PRAY:  Lord, I need wisdom and discernment in reading my child's cues.  Thank You for people like Angie to help me.  I look to you for direction and new ideas in helping my child succeed.

*You can learn more about Angie Voss, OTR/L and her book at


  1. My husband just talked about how he wished we could understand what sets our 6-year-old son off so easily. He goes from happily playing to throwing extreme temper-tantrums and crying at the flip of a switch. This book is something we definitely need to invest in!!!!

  2. I think this could be a GREAT tool in a ministry setting, so I'd love a copy for us to keep in the Access home base room at church for parents and volunteers to have handy!

  3. This is an absolutely essential book for anyone who works with young children. We have purchased one for each of our preschool teachers.

  4. Bonnie, YOU WON! Send your street address to so we can get your book out to you!

  5. Bonnie never responded. :-( Our new winner is Nicole!