Tuesday, October 4, 2011


"...And if anyone gives even a cup of cold water to one of these little ones who is my disciple, truly I tell you, that person will certainly not lose their reward.” ~ Matthew 10:42, NIV

Running a non-profit ministry for parents of kids with special needs is an interesting endeavor, to say the least.  People often wonder what a person like myself does all day.  How much time can it take to set up an occasional meeting or respite event every-so-often?  Writing a blog is something many do as a hobby on the side.  How hard can it be to pack up a lovely gift basket to bless a mom or a dad in need?

While I will contend that God has blessed both myself and those who minister alongside me far more than we could ever bless those we serve, I want to encourage parents by letting you know that we leave no stone unturned for your benefit.  Walking the path myself gives me a keen awareness of how wearisome and anguishing it can be to parent these precious kids.  That only fuels my passion.  I feel grateful for all that God has done and continues to pour out on my family.  The only appropriate response is to share that Good News and hope beyond all hope with a hurting world.  To the great fortune of other parents, I have a big mouth, and hopefully, that results in the many others who step up to share the vision and serve.

That service is all wonderful, but in this world that God presently has us passing through, money is needed to fund all of these things and assist parents.  We leave no stone unturned by searching every corner to gain help with what we do.  Every Tuesday via Twitter, we "tweet" a #CharityTuesday request asking people to donate via our website.  We seem to be continually writing grants, and are immensely thankful for the kindness of organizations like The Stackner Family Foundation who share our vision and heart for families with a child who has special needs.  We apply for contests like the one we are currently involved in, Citgo's Fueling Good Program which awards gas gift cards to their winners.  Since gas cards are such a big part of what we do, programs like this seem to be a natural fit.  A simple way we offer people to support our organization without having to spend a dime themselves is to use our Good Search Toolbar where we get $0.01 ever time you search using us at the charity of choice.  We also use well known organizations like Great Non-Profits.Com and Guidestar to build awareness of our families' needs and what we are striving to do to meet those needs.  And we rely on the generosity of local businesses like The DeRosa Corporation, which have been great friends to us in providing dinner gift certificates or food at events at a deeply discounted rate.

The point is this, my friends, God loves you!  He has numbered every hair on your head!  He cares deeply for and about you, your child and your circumstances!  We who serve through SNAPPIN' MINISTRIES have the great honor of being His ambassadors to you in this dark world.  We hold this privilege in high regard, searching tirelessly and obediently for ways to serve you and to provide for your needs.  We do this in order that you may know the riches of His goodness and pass that on, in turn, to your children and everyone around you.  Won't you please share with those you know and love these different ways of supporting an organization that supports you?  We love to offer a cup of cold water to those traveling through challenging times.  But that pump needs to be primed, and these various ways all add to that.  If you have been blessed, pass on the blessing!

Pray:  Oh, Father, You are the great Jehovah Jireh!  You provide every good and perfect gift, including the most simple of comforts.  Please continue to provide for us in our times of greatest need.  Help us to pass along every blessing you pour out on us, all to Your glory!

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