Friday, October 7, 2011

A Curious Disturbance

How horrible it will be for those who call evil good and good evil, who turn darkness into light and light into darkness, who turn what is bitter into something sweet and what is sweet into something bitter.~ Isaiah 5:20, GW

Something has been eating at me lately.  Every morning when I sit down at my desk and begin my work at my computer, I receive notices that help me screen the vast sea of information pertinent to parents and caregivers of children with unique challenges.  I filter everything from small town newspapers to major news stories, from blogs to breaking government recalls.  But I've been viewing something in the mix that's disturbing.

In amidst announcements of interest to those of us serving family members with disabilities are urgent pleas for animals with special needs. Writers extol the virtues of a precious pooch missing a limb who is so worthy of saving from the pound, if only someone will provide a home.  Humaine animal welfare organizations plea that if we will only donate today, a kind creature who merely needs regular insulin shots can live out the rest of its days the way they were meant to be - in utter bliss.  I even saw a post the other day regarding a two-faced cat for whom animal rights enthusiasts are soliciting assistance.

Now, at first blush, people might not find a problem with wanting to show kindness to cute, cuddly little creatures.  Why wouldn't you want to help Fido?  After all, no reasonable human being would find animal suffering to be attractive.

However, where I get stuck is on that boundary line that distinctly lays between humanity and the animal kingdom.  I still firmly believe the truth of Genesis 1:26 that says, "Then God said, 'Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness, so that they may rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky, over the livestock and all the wild animals and over all the creatures that move along the ground.'”(NIV, bold print added for emphasis)  In God's economy, there is an order to things.  And people have priority over creatures.  We alone are created in His image. 

I look at how mixed up our culture has become.  I remember the case where a woman received a lesser punishment for delivering her baby in a public bathroom, killing it and throwing it in a dumpster than a professional athlete did for the animal abuse of dog fighting.  And things like this disturb me.

How can we as humans even think about rescuing a two-faced cat when every church in this country doesn't even have fully accessible restrooms?  What is appropriate about giving assistive devices to a rabbit when children in this country aren't able to function because they're specialized walker or wheelchair was stolen?  
I drove past the auctioneer's on the way home from our country getaway last week, and they were advertising "Culling Cow Action, 10 AM, 10/6".  That sounds like hamburger to me.  It's not cause to rescue Bessie when we are still nowhere near a cure for genetic disorders that still take the lives of our precious, valuable humans each day.

Are you disturbed by this too?  I surely hope you are.  For when wrong becomes right and right becomes wrong, our culture is in dangerous territory indeed.  And when I see this type of behavior, I keep looking towards the sky for Jesus' imminent return.

Pray:  God, give me perspective.  Help me to value every human life the same way you do.  Thank you for the gift of pets and all of your creatures.  But let me never give them better treatment than I would give one of the least of your children.


  1. Nice post, Barb.

    The wife of one of our ministry board members recently left her job as volunteer coordinator at our local animal shelter. They shot a video there that was used in the worship services at our church.

    They had 350 active volunteers and over 400 more ON THE WAITING LIST. If a tornado came through and wiped out the building while all the volunteers were in training, they could have replaced all 350 of them and still had a waiting list.

    People are on a wait list to clean animal poop yet churches struggle to find volunteers to work respite events or visit the elderly in our local nursing homes.

    Today's evidence of a fallen world.

  2. That makes my stomach sick!!! But then yes, you know exactly what I mean.

  3. The Bible tells us that because we are superior then we owe a special duty to our animals. We are to feed them first and care for them before ourselves. We are to treat those that are totally dependent upon us with kindness and goodness.It is written out plainly and succinctly how we are to treat all of God's creatures.Of course that is the Old may not adhere to that as much as I do.

    I find it sad that you see the kindness that we are supposed to give to the "lesser creatures" as something wrong. Simply because a church does not have enough volunteers does not mean that the abandoned animals should suffer.Perhaps it is the church that needs to reevaluate and see why people are not compelled to help out there. It is not the fault of the abandoned creature that people do not care to help out at the church. It is the fault of those that run the church.

    Quite frankly I do not think that Vick received enough of a sentence. his cruelty was barbaric and an indication of a wanton disregard and respect for life. That he is now playing football once again and making millions is repugnant.Do you really think that we should just let bygones be bygones? That what he did was a no biggie?

    As far as someone who kills her infant and is not punished enough... that is society's fault but then again you draw judgement where you do not know the entire case. You do not know the mental state of the woman involved. Yo do not truly discuss the circumstances of the case. Life truly is never that cut and dried.That is why mankind was given the ability to reason, and think.

  4. I don't think you're quite tracking with my point... I agree with kindness to creatures (I have a dog & 3 cats I've rescued). I'm just disturbed at how much people will fawn over them versus humans in the same condition. I find that disturbing, and I think God gives us evidence that He does too in His word.