Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Receiving the Best in Rest

"Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest."  ~ Matthew 11:28, NIV

It's a given - Raising a child with any sort of special need requires extra energy.  As parent of such a child, we are required to be an insurance expert, triage nurse, occupational therapist, education rights expert and overall advocate.  When you combine these necessities with the regular demands of parenting, we can become far more weary more quickly than the average mom or dad.  We need our cup refilled.

But how?  Each individual gets that rest so differently.  Any assortment of hobbies or interaction with other adults may bring some rest.  While actual sleep, a massage or quiet time reading might be just what it takes to get refreshed.  Just having some "normal" experiences with your child where you don't have to explain can be a blessing as well.

It's even likely that a parent doesn't know what will rejuvenate them because so many parents buy into the lie that they should be able to do it all without help from anyone else.  That doesn't do anyone any favors.  Even Jesus pulled away for awhile to be able to fill his tank and minister to the demanding crowds once again.

We are excited to be collaborating with Zachariah's Acres on the building of a new, innovative Christian respite campus.  This facility will not just be a respite center, but an entire campus.  Built on 50 rolling acres in Northern Waukesha County, Wisconsin, there's a bigger dream for you and your children than just a place to drop off your child.  The developers of this land are hoping to offer the opportunity for both you and your children to enjoy being refreshed in God's nature at such a place.  The campus approach will afford for an ADA accessible nature path through woods and prairies.  With 3 lovely ponds, various birds including great blue herons and wood ducks can be watched while dipping a fishing line.  Families will be welcomed to outdoor events with the building of a park pavilion, a bonfire pit and perhaps even an accessible playground.  A subsequent phase of the campus may include a bed and breakfast where mom and dad can have an evening alone without being so far away from their child that there is great angst.  And these are only a few of the ideas involved in this exciting development.

The remarkable part is that this campus is being built by parents just like you for parents just like you.  We know best what we want for ourselves and our precious children.  So we invite your reflection on such a respite opportunity.  What might the perfect refreshment look like for you and your special child?  We can't wait to hear! 

Pray:  Oh, God, you are the giver of dreams and of every perfect gift.  Help me in daring to dream what a respite facility for me and my child might look like.  Bless the land donor of this project, and give wisdom to those who are developing this project.  May it all be for Your glory!

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  1. Awesome! Keep us posted on your progress.