Saturday, August 20, 2011

Recycled for God's Use

"See, the former things have taken place, and new things I declare; before they spring into being I announce them to you.” (Isaiah 42:9, NIV)

Those who have followed me with any regularity of this past decade know that I am a big fan of Corrie Ten Boom and her incredible book THE HIDING PLACE.  I have found this chronicle of her life hiding Jews during World War II to be a game-changer for me because it so clearly revealed how God ordains and permits things for His good purposes. 

Long since after I first finished that book, I have been able to reflect on my own life and see how the Lord fit me for His good purposes in life just as he did Corrie.  Through multiple miscarriages, I learned to be my own best medical advocate which has been a much needed skill in parenting children with special needs.  Having once been an investment broker, budgeting and management of funds comes much more naturally to me as I run a non-profit organization.  With many memories of forensics competitions and high school plays in my life experience, my Creator has fashioned me to be an uninhibited public speaker and legislative advocate for those with a serious diagnosis.  And "Advanced Placement English" along with writing for the local village newspaper decades ago certainly benefits those I serve today.

I'm not alone either!  Just today I came across an article about a Christian Michigan high school basketball coach who was willing to lay aside her career to parent her son with Down Syndrome and move in new directions that God is leading her.  From the way she is quoted, it would appear that she is fully aware that her life experience and skills can be used in unique and unexpected ways.

What about you?  Have you explored the notion that you have been fit with a specific combination of skills for the purpose you were made for?  Might some of those experiences intersect with your parenting of a child with special needs?  I certainly never would have actively sought out establishing a non-profit organization to lead!  Don't limit what God can do with you!  Be open to the new things the Lord can do with a willing and receptive heart.

Pray:  Father, I thought my life was going in a direction very different from the one I have found myself in since a child with special needs came into our lives.  Help me to keep my eyes focused on You, since through You, anything is possible.  Don't let me miss the new purposes You have positioned me for in bringing glory to Your kingdom.

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