Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Approaching the Inevitable Storms

But now, this is what the LORD says—
   he who created you, Jacob,
   he who formed you, Israel:
“Do not fear, for I have redeemed you;
   I have summoned you by name; you are mine.
When you pass through the waters,
   I will be with you;
and when you pass through the rivers,
   they will not sweep over you.
When you walk through the fire,
   you will not be burned;
   the flames will not set you ablaze.
For I am the LORD your God,
   the Holy One of Israel, your Savior;
I give Egypt for your ransom,
   Cush and Seba in your stead.
~ Isaiah 43:1-3, NIV~

This weekend on a flight home, this scripture came to mind.  Heading from East to West on my return, we were destined to encounter some stormy weather that had just been moving through the state we were to land in.  The way the pilot handled the entire situation brought to mind many similarities with the storms of life we find ourselves flying towards.

As we flew way above the clouds, it was a beautiful view with few bumps along the way.  But in order to reach our destination, we were going to have to descend down through that storm.  With wisdom, the pilot decided to fly around to the back side of it, thus lessening the intensity of what we would have to get through.  Despite his best efforts, there came a point where he just had to plunge into the stormy clouds without seeing where he was going, trusting only his air traffic controller and instruments.  Eventually, the airport became visible.  And even with lightning flashing all around us, we were able to safely arrive home.

How often we, in our roles as parents of children with unique challenges, see those unavoidable storms in life!  We can only hover above the turmoil for so long before we are immersed in it.  Yet if we take our time, attempting to approach the situation with prudence, we may find that we are better able to manage the situation.  Putting off dealing with these storms will only result in a crash or a far rougher landing than if we had sought some discernment in what lays ahead.

Eventually we, like the pilot find ourselves thrust into a blinding set of circumstances.  We can panic or we can trust the judgment God has given us and trust that He will safely guide us home.  We can look at the weather or we can keep our focus on the Instrument that is leading us right to where we belong.

Sometimes it's just inevitable.  We can't get to where we need to be without going through life's storms.  If we handle them appropriately, we come out more skilled and capable than when we first approached them.

Pray:  Lord, I know that nothing touches me without touching You first.  When I have no choice but to walk through life's storms, give me wisdom and help me to remember you are there guiding me!

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