Friday, July 15, 2011

Poorly Equipped

He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart. (Psalm 91:4, NIV)

A number of weeks ago, my youngest was thrilled to announce to us all that a robin had made her nest in a crabapple tree right outside of my bedroom window.  If she got up on a stool with 2 steps she could peer into the nest and see the beautiful blue eggs the robin had laid.  Given her social deficits and ADHD which provide challenging in her comprehending consequences, I had to be very clear with her and stay on top of her to keep her from constantly being in that nest.  Frankly, I thought this was a lost cause.  Nevertheless, a week or two ago she joyfully announced that the robin had hatched her chicks out.  I shared her joy, telling her I could hear them peeping outside my window and see them lifting their little beaks in need of food as I moved around the yard watering flowers.  Needless to say, mama robin was irritable with our movement near that area as she attempted to protect her young from our perceived threat.

Two nights ago, my eldest had her friend over to do some silly teenage filming.  As these girls are reasonably good and responsible young ladies, it never occurred to me to ask them to stay away from the crabapple tree.  Before I knew it, they had walked in that direction and not only stirred up mama robin, but also her young in flight.  I shooed the girls away thinking that the birds would be fine after that.  Unfortunately, it wasn't long before one of the babies was stuck by our front door, disoriented and unable to engage in full flight.  Once again, I directed the girls away from the baby robin and relied on nature to do what it does best in resolving its own dilemmas.

Relieved the next morning when the baby bird was gone, I thought this was the end of the saga.  I was wrong.  My youngest came bolting into the house announcing that one of the baby birds was stuck in our garage.  Armed with a broom and dustpan to help coax the baby bird in the right direction, I came to her aid.  It took me by complete surprise when I saw how high this chick could get off the ground, which made helping it pretty difficult.  It kept getting stuck in corners or under things in the garage in complete disorientation before I finally managed to get it outside.  Finally free, it cried for its mother, which I pray produced the results we all hoped for.

So why I am I droning on about the drama of the baby robin?  Because there I saw God.  I saw myself in that baby robin.  As I watched it, I couldn't help but think that I must look just like it every time trouble scares me up and I fail to stay under the safe shadow of my Father's wings.  I flit here and there looking for answers, solutions to that by which I feel threatened, but only find myself trapped.  I am poorly equipped for handling the things that only God is mighty enough to handle.  And while I can catch some air, accomplishing a remarkable amount on my own, I am truly unable to engage in full flight.  That privilege is reserved for He who watches over me and meets my every need.  I would be best off right where I belong in the first place -- close to Him in full reliance.

How about you?  Feeling trapped or ill-equipped for the challenge at hand?  Take your shelter in the shadow of His wings!

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