Tuesday, October 19, 2010

You've Got Mail!

Happy are those who listen to me, watching at my door every day, waiting at my open doorway. (Proverbs 8:34, NCV)

The other day I was scanning through some information on a rare disorder, and I read a comment by a mother that set me to thinking.  The parent stated that as part of her daily routine, she now habitually checks a search engine for any new information released on her child's disease first thing in the morning.  Looking for hope and others living with this unique challenge drove her to rush to this expectantly before she did anything else.

I suspect her story wasn't all that unusual.  So many of us parents are looking for that certain something to keep us hanging on with just enough strength to get through the day.  We're looking for that intimacy and that encouragement to lift the darkness of our circumstances.

But even those of us who aren't craving such things have a way of letting our computer take front-and-center in our daily schedule, whether by way of e-mail, Facebook or other venues.  We get knee deep in work challenges, the latest gossip or a corny forwarded joke.

Still, there's a love letter waiting for us each new morning that can make every moment more joyful, purposeful and hopeful.  It's God's will that we would have a personal, intimate relationship with Him, and we can most easily attain that by putting Him first when we arise.  History is His-story, describing how people just like you and I, born in a different place and time, faced the same trials, daily demands, triumphs and joys with His help.  Ecclesiastes 1:9 tells us that there's nothing new that can happen to us that hasn't already taken place before.  Since He is the only one who's been here through it all, we should be eager to hear what God has to say to us about anything we face.  Rather than fleeing to the internet, we should be fleeing to the arms of our loving Father.  And He can offer something that our computer can't -- inexplicable peace in the midst of our storms.

In His classic My Heart - Christ's Home, Robert Boyd Munger describes Jesus waiting each day patiently in the parlor, warm fire glowing, for us to come and sit with Him.  Whether we race down the stairs and out the door, He never fails to still wait for us.  His love is welcoming regardless of our hurriedness or disregard of Him.  How many people do we get e-mails from that give us that level of kindness, forgiveness or consideration?

That's not to say that we shouldn't ever connect with others or use this valuable tool that's the gift of our era.  But if we don't start our day with hearing first from God, we aren't equipped with the filter we need to discern whether there is value to the comments or advice of others.  And that wisdom is definitely something we special needs parents need an extra measure of!

Go ahead, use the restroom and then make that pot of coffee.  But then light a candle and nestle in with the Lover of your soul to start each day.  Only He is big enough to handle and prepare you for everything you will face in the upcoming day.  And He's so very worthy of your time!


  1. OH~ How I love this post! I'm so guilty of drowning in the "what ifs" on the search engines rather than the truth in His word. Thank you, Barb, for such a phenomenal reminder!

  2. Yes, what a wonderful reminder to first go to the Lord and commune with Him before rushing to other "wordly" venues. Christ is all we need!

  3. The Internet can be a help or a hinderance. I subscribe to a podcast for my daily Bible reading:
    Of course, I still have to remember to take the time to listen!