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Those of you who are regular readers of this blog know that this post is already a deviation from our usual format.  But in an attempt to help the creative juices of a fellow special needs mom blogger start flowing, I've agreed to participate in IT'S ALL GOOD IF YOU CAN LAUGH's Blog Challenge.  This involves sharing why we blog or why you should read our blog.  So here is my feeble attempt that will hopefully help her as well as spread the word about us:


Reason # 10:  Because parenting a child with special needs is a challenge and we all need to feel like we have an ally.  Hopefully, in reading these posts, you will see that you're not alone and will gain some encouragement from that knowledge.

Reason # 9:  Because too many ridiculous, hilarious and insane things happen in the course of parenting a child with special needs, and they're just too funny to keep to ourselves.  My transparency is intended to make you laugh at times.  Heck, if we didn't laugh at most of this, we'd be crying all the time!  Like when my Li'l Miss with severe allergies, ADHD and sensory issues blurted out in puppy training class at the top of her lungs, "Yeah, we don't have the long 15 foot leash because my Dad was too cheap to buy one!"  See, you're not the only one wishing the floor would suddenly open up so you can instantly escape from the inappropriate social behavior of your special child!

Reason # 8:  Because life is running at such a break-neck speed that sometimes we need to pause and see how it all fits together.  Generally, life in our house is total and complete chaos.  (Thus, the title of this blog.)  But when everyone stops shouting "Mom!  Mom!", it is soul-filling to reflect on how the pieces of this insanity have synergy and can work out for ultimate good.  We all, on some level, seek to make sense out of this crazy world we live in. And, let's face it, most of the time life DOESN'T make sense! So this blog helps direct you, pointing you in the way to go when life is beyond our human understanding.

Reason # 7:  Because current events or seasons relate in ever-so-unique ways to special needs.  A national crisis can put your child with anxiety issues, OCD or other related disorders over the top.  Holidays can put YOU over the top with all of the family arm-chair-quarter-backing about how to manage your special child.  If we can't discuss those things with parents who have walked a mile in our shoes, we'll end up in fetal position in the corner sucking our thumbs!

Reason # 6:  Because there is nothing like a GREAT resource!  I don't know any human being who couldn't use another good tool in their tool box for life.  If you walk away from having read just one good nugget that you can carry with you to help you through life, it's been well worth your time.  And in this information age, the stuff that can be discovered via word of mouth on the internet is virtually boundless!  I love to share what's been discovered here!

Reason # 5:  Because face it, YOU need an attitude change!  We can let the travails of life get under our skin turning us into that bitter person we all avoid when they come up on caller ID, or we can gain fresh perspective on how God can recycle our challenges for good.  When you've got a chip on your shoulder, we're here to knock it off and help you put your grown-up-pants on!  Just sayin'...

Reason # 4:  Because life's not fair, and the sooner you realize that, the happier you'll be.  This ain't heaven, baby, and we're just here to remind you that it's not.  We live in a fallen world.  But helping you survive and thrive in this environment with hope of the things to come is part of our daily mission.  Besides, life is much sweeter and problems much smaller when framed with an eternal perspective.

Reason # 3:  Because you've never read the Bible framed in quite this way.  Have you read any of the posts citing THE NEW BARB TRANSLATION?  That's the one that says, "Love one another as I have loved you...  OR ELSE!"  All joking aside, God's word IS living and active (Hebrews 4:12).  When we incorporate what He's said into the practical parts of our daily lives, His word becomes vibrant, pertinent, relevant.  It's not just a Sunday have-to in our lives.

Reason # 2:  Because I have found something SO terrific that I want to share it with as many people as I can!  The joy, humor and comfort I have received from a daily, intimate walk with Christ has granted me not only hope of a wonderful eternal life in the future, but an extremely blessed life in the present.  Not that I don't have my struggles and bad days like everyone else, but that's not where I remain.  If you could be in a much better place in life despite your circumstances, wouldn't you choose to be?  Well, that's what's offered in this blog.

And the # 1 reason you should read this blog.............

I'm just the pencil.  God's doing the writing.  You may think I'm a loon.  You're probably right.  I've been called worse by my own children.  But all I know is that I will never ceased to be amazed that God can use a dumpy suburban housewife from Wisconsin to do His good work!  He is the one that chooses the topics and lets the words flow.  You should listen to Him!  He made you. The Manufacturer always knows the best way to care for what He's manufactured!  And I love to have a front row seat to watching Him offer a fresh word to encourage amazing parents who are in the trenches every day fighting to care for their children with special needs!

So there, Karin!  Consider your challenge to have been met!  And may your creative juices be replenished as you continue to encourage and inspire others!

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  1. Those are some very good reasons to read your blog. Thanks for sharing and educating!

  2. Thanks Barb for showing us a glimpse of ourselves in you. Lorna