Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Where Can I Go?

"My soul thirsts for God, for the living God. When can I go and meet with God?" (Psalm 42:2, NIV)

There are days where I want to run away from home. The relentless needs of my family give me little, if any, time to regroup. I jokingly say, "Everybody wants a piece of me, man!" But inside, I feel like my head is being held under water with no one letting me up for air.

There is one thing that helps me overcome that feeling. It is my time with God. Only the Lord can help me with the demands of parenting children with special needs. He fills me up so I can be poured out. He carries me through the tough times. And His presence is my peace.

This time is so necessary that I have devoted myself to making certain it happens every day. When there is a period where I can't have that oasis, it becomes very noticeable in my life. I'm thrown off kilter and my mood deteriorates. Because of this, I have found that the moments at Jesus' feet are non-negotiable. And it is something I would encourage every person to discover.

So many people feel lost at the thought of any such meditation. Therefore, preparation before you start can be helpful. Certain things make for a more rejuvenating time with God:
  • Meet Him first thing in the morning. Let Him get you off on a right start. God blesses you when you put him first in your life. And giving him the first part of every day is a great way to make it known that He is your primary focus.

  • Meet Him in the quiet. Our days are filled beyond capacity with the noisy demands of parenting. We can be too easily distracted even with the background sound of having the news on. Some of my favorite quiet times are in nature, on the patio, on an early morning walk or in the woods when we're camping. My spirit is then open to hearing what God has to share with me.

  • Meet with him in a special place. When it's warm out, my sunny patio with views of the blue sky and lush surrounding greenery is my special meeting place with God. I feel His presence there and almost hate to leave as the day carries on. When the weather turns cool, I have a special chair in the living room where I have a beautiful view out the windows, paintings of gardens and statues of angels that all naturally make me contemplate the One I'm meeting with.

  • Meet Him with the right tools. A translation of the Bible that you can read and understand is a must. I've heard people share a humorous little acronym for Bible: "Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth". But I prefer to see it as God's love letter to us. His word is so rich with loving, merciful insights. Your time wouldn't be the same without His word to refresh you. Some people also find devotional books helpful as well to enhance their understanding or the practical application of God's word.

  • Meet Him in a special environment you've created. The word "holy" or "sanctified" means "set apart". Make your setting with the Lord unique in a way that feeds your soul. Perhaps it's with candles. I love candles not only for their peaceful glow, but also because they have signified the presence of God throughout Christian tradition. And I dare not have these lit when the children are bouncing around the house! Other things like a lovely journal and fancy pen, a soft blanket, flavored tea or coffee help make your time with God extra sacred. You go all out when guests come, why wouldn't you do the same for the Lord of the universe?

These are things that will fill your cup when practiced on a regular basis. We must be deliberate in carving out that time each and every day or we will reach a breaking point. We were not made to be constantly drained without being replenished. But we were made to have fellowship with our Creator!

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