Sunday, July 11, 2010

What is YOUR god's track record?

"...If we are faithless, he will remain faithful, for he cannot disown himself." (2 Timothy 2:13, NIV)

Yesterday, I ran across a comment in a social media venue that I thought had to be included in this post: "If the bible proves the existence of God, then action comics prove the existence of Superman." It was obvious to me that the person who posted this remark had never actually studied the Bible or he wouldn't have made such an ignorant remark.

God's word, to our benefit, is a chronicling of promises made and kept by our Creator. While faith is required, God doesn't expect us to have a blind, foolish faith, but leaves amazing clues to prove the truth of His word. Over and over again we see evidence of God coming through with what He said He would do, even when it seems all hope is lost.

Bible apologetics has fascinated me, so I've studied the topic almost since day one of becoming a believer. There are volumes written on this subject which can be endlessly explored. Archaeology and science connect the dots wiping away the doubts of those who would make uninformed challenges. This gives a tangible hope to those who claim to believe and only edifies their faith.

While there are thousands of examples in the Bible, but let's just cite a few here today:
  • In Genesis, Chapter 15, God promises to make Abraham's descendants as numerous as the stars. Despite the fact that he and his wife Sarah had remained childless for decades, and they had tried to "help" God along the way (see the story of Hagar & Ishmael), God did fulfill His promise to them in Genesis, Chapter 21, producing Isaac from their union. As a result, God did bless Abraham with millions of descendants through both sons.
  • In Genesis, Chapter 37, Joseph, the smart-aleck favorite son of Israel has a dream from God that his family will end up bowing down to him. As the story unfolds in the subsequent chapters, we see God's promise being fulfilled through a number of tragedies and injustices. Eventually, in Chapter 50 of Genesis we see Joseph proclaiming that what was intended for evil, God used for good. His family, and in fact all of Egypt, end up bowing to him as ruler who is second in command only to Pharaoh.
  • Jeremiah, Chapter 1 chronicles how God speaks through this young man to predict the invasion and enslavement of Israel due to their rebellion. Despised by his contemporaries, Jeremiah's prophesies end up coming true with a 70 year captivity in Babylon. (see 2 Kings 24 and 2 Chronicles 36)
  • Over 300 prophecies were fulfilled in the person of Jesus Christ, many of them beyond his control. Things like being born of a virgin (Isaiah 7:14) or being born in Bethlehem (Micah 5:2) are predictions that could not be manipulated. The statistical probability of one person fulfilling just 8 of the 300 prophecies is 1 in 100 trillion, yet Jesus of Nazareth fulfilled them all!

Now does this mean that we will see everything we ask for granted in a way and time frame we desire? Certainly not! Often, the Lord lets situations get so grim that when His deliverance comes we realize that it couldn't have happened "but by God"! In reading God's word we can see that Abraham and Sarah had given up all hope of God keeping his promise, and tried to force His hand. We see that Joseph suffered many years in slavery, being done in by others, but was eventually rewarded for his faithfulness in ways he never expected. The children of Israel scoffed at a prophet like Jeremiah and kept on in their corruption until God made good on His promise to discipline them through subjugation. And God's chosen people waited hundreds of years, hearing promises from multiple prophets until Jesus arrived to save all humanity in a completely unexpected fashion.

These are only a few examples of Yahweh's track record. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob has proven Himself faithful throughout the past and present. That gives us great hope that He can be trusted currently and in the future.

How is YOUR god's track record measuring up? Do you know why you believe what you believe? Take a long, critical look at the God of the Bible and you will see Him coming up faithful. I don't know about you, but that's the God I want to hang all of my hope on!


  1. As one of those descendents of Abraham I just wish some of God's promises didn't come with so much of our blood that's all.

  2. Elise, I couldn't agree more! True Christian faith lives the mandate of love, not persecution or hatred!

  3. I very much appreciate the message of your blog. I have a niece with special needs, and am also a special ed teacher. Everywhere I go, I meet parents whose hearts are heavy, who need to know God cares about them, that they're not alone. Thanks for investing your time and energy (passing on the comfort God has given you) to minister to them. I'm encouraged by your posts.