Friday, April 16, 2010


"When someone has been given much, much will be required in return; and when someone has been entrusted with much, even more will be required." (Luke 12:48, NLT)

So often, the above scripture is thought of in reference to those who have been entrusted with monetary wealth. Of course, God repeatedly states throughout His word that He pours affluence out in order that we might share that blessing with others. But money is only part of the equation.

Have you ever stopped to realize that your child's diagnosis is something that you've been entrusted with? Talk about being given much! Think about all that has been put in your care by living with and through the type of situation you have with your child! You have gained knowledge in a specific area of care that the average person does not have. Medical knowledge and experience have increased as you travel on this journey. Awareness of how to deal with insurance companies, government programs, financial aid and schools have all become a part of your repertoire of experience.
Aside from the practical gifts you've been given, there are emotional and spiritual gifts to share as well. No one should have empathy and compassion like a person who understands what another is going through. You have a personal story of perseverance and hope to share with others. If your child has beat the odds or survived an amazing trauma, you have valuable encouragement to share. Transparency about your situation makes it safe for other parents to share their sorrows and frustrations around you. Honesty about your wrestlings with the Lord and all the ways He's been good to you are something that can bless others as well.
I continue to be impressed with people who "get" the message of Luke 12:48! I have the great honor of knowing two women who have turned their challenges into an amazing organization, Good Friend Inc. ( that creates awareness, acceptance and empathy towards those with autism spectrum disorders. There's another mother involved in our organization who is gifted as a cook, working in a local school district, and who is always the first to offer a meal to families struggling through a hospitalization or trauma. Both the parents and siblings of a special kid who lived with a rare neuromuscular disease which took his life in 1994, continue to bless countless individuals through Camp Daniel ( Blogging is the forte of one mother who recently decided to candidly share their story in order to encourage others in "The Road Home" ( And yet another mother, who lost her toddler son a mere 6 months ago, blesses other parents by giving them a way to network through her web group (
No matter what your personal skill, YOU have been given much! Your journey of parenting a child with special needs has left you with a responsibility that goes far beyond the care of your child. You have been given the awesome call to be "Jesus with skin on" to weary travelers in need of some hope. Will you live up to what is expected of you?

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