Friday, March 5, 2010

Joy In The Ordinary

"And so, he will make you happy and give you something to smile about." (Job 8:21, CEV)

It was like any other ordinary Wednesday night. We rushed to get the family fed, then I sped off to deliver my 13 year old to youth group. But when I arrived with my cargo at the church, it seemed anything but ordinary!

A friend I haven't seen in over a month was just ahead of me dropping her son off. I beeped my horn. She caught sight of me, leapt out of her vehicle, threw open my driver's door and begged for a hug. So here's the two of us with our cars oddly stopped, engines running, laughing & hugging in the parking lot of the church entrance. We were there in such a way that we were obstructing other vehicles. Suddenly, we get flashed by the headlights of our laughing girlfriend with a line of cars behind her. It was a simple moment, delightfully hilarious, and much-needed.

You see, we had been going through some terrible trauma with more than one of our kids at the time, and our days were anything but ordinary. There was nothing that felt like "normal" in our situation. The chaos was overwhelming. Routine was a foreign concept. I would've given anything to have just another average day!

Well, in the heart of our trials and crises, our faithful, loving God can and does slip in some of the simple things in life to show us His tenderness. For me, it came that night in a silly session of "Chinese fire drill" with a couple of girlfriends I hadn't seen in awhile. But it has also come in a soothing sip of freshly brewed coffee, the soft fur of a purring cat on my lap, or gazing at a simple piece of art that always dwells in my home. There comes a sudden deep breath, a refreshment from just experiencing that every day item that pleasantly grounds us. We experience a bit of stability in the midst of utter insanity. And there is no doubt that it comes from a Creator who cares! (James 1:17)

If today you're feeling heavy, give yourself a little break to take time and smell the roses. The beauty of a crystal clear blue sky or the humor of a silly inside joke could be just what you need to turn your eyes off your troubles and onto life's joys. When we experience those joys, gratitude follows much more naturally. And it's hard to stay down when your heart is filled to the brim with thankfulness and joy.


  1. hello Barb, have just found your blog. Thankyou for presenting Christ so effectively. Just what I needed to hear. I will bookmark your page