Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Value of a Life

The Lord will fulfill his purpose for me... (Psalm 138:8)

In a culture that measures the value of a human life based on how much they can produce or how successful they are, we can feel incredibly small. When disease or disorders descend upon our families, we can be filled with dread about what the future holds. Despite our love for our children with special needs, the experience of being discarded or devalued by those around us can cause us to question whether or not any good can come out of our circumstances.

Take heart! God assures us that He will fulfill the good purposes He has for each human life. He's the potter. We're the clay. (Isaiah 64:8) He promises that He can recycle each of life's circumstances for our good and His glory. (Romans 8:28)

I love to just silently witness the lives of those children of God whom others often don't take them time to even see. Sundays are extra special when David covers up his face to flirt with me or puckers up for a kiss. I can have the worst sort of day, but when Bruce banters with me as he bags my groceries or cleans my kids' school, he lifts my mood. And the fact that my daughter Lexi can get Emily laughing in spite of the fact that she can neither hear nor see Lexi, bolster's my daughter's confidence and helps her to feel valued.

At one disability conference we were at, participants shared stories of how those with challenges can serve in our faith communities. One person told the story of a severely disabled woman who was wheelchair bound and non-verbal. She attended the choir practice each week. The choir knew that if this woman clapped or cheered, they had perfected a song. If she was silent, they still had some work to do!

So often, before I speak in public or sit down to write I pray, "I'm just the pencil, Lord. You're doing the writing." Who are we, whether able-bodied or challenged by a special need, to think we are anything more than a tool in the hand of the Master Creator? We all have equal and precious value in His economy.

With that in mind, you can more-readily assist your child in finding their important purpose in God's master plan. And be encouraged! Whether others recognize it or not, you know that God is fulfilling something essential in the life of the one you love.

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