Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I was young, and now I am old, but I have never seen good people left helpless or their children begging for food. (Psalm 37:25, NCV)

Read 1 Kings 17

In today's social and political climate, we need the encouragement of God's word. At a time where people continue to lose their jobs in record numbers and socialized medical care is being vigorously debated, we need to be reminded that there is hope beyond the work of our own hands or the intervention of government. God has been recognized as our provider, our Jehovah Jireh for thousands of years.

"Easy for you to say. Your husband has a job right now!", one might be inclined to think. But our family is a living testimony to God faithfully supplying for the needs of those who love Him. Not so long ago, we found the major breadwinner in our home between jobs 5 times over a 7 year stretch of time. During that period, we had a son born with the most expensive-to-treat genetic disorder known to mankind. Still, here we are, alive and well.

If you asked us how we managed, we could never show you on paper. It wasn't our own doing or merely the government's. God used both the ordinary and the miraculous to provide for our care. While my children received food provided through WIC and our son qualified for extended COBRA coverage by being deemed disabled by Social Security, they were not the only safety nets catching our fall. During that time someone anonymously paid our daughter's tuition at a private school. One day, she came home with an envelope of $200 in cash tucked in her backpack. Other times, we got anonymous checks in the mail, perfectly timed with a financial need that had arisen.

And then there was the time when our car wouldn't start in a store parking lot. I placed my hands on the dashboard, cried and prayed, "Oh, Lord, you know we have no money to get this car repaired. If it be Your will, please make it start." I turned over the ignition, and it started right up. But the most amazing part of the whole situation happened when my husband looked under the hood when he got home. Laying there were tools and an oily cloth that were not his. Surely God had sent His angels to repair that car for us!

I could go on with many more tales of how the Lord provided for us in those days. And I will go to my grave saying that by man's logic, there should be no reason why we still own this home. But I've shared enough with you here and now for you to see clearly that God's generosity and care in this modern era are real.

All God looks for in us is total trust and obedience. When we don't compromise in the face of financial difficulty, when we tithe when the world says "that's crazy", when we open our eyes to watch for where God is working in our situation, He will be found worthy of our awe! In today's economic climate, build your life on the only sure foundation and be at peace. Awaiting you will be the fullness of joy that God meant for you in this life!

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