Saturday, May 30, 2009


"Who is this man, that even the wind & waves obey him?" (Luke 8:25, NLT)
Read Luke 8:22-56
The Bible is rife with stories of God accomplishing the impossible. From parting the Red Sea to knocking down the walls of Jericho to Daniel surviving the lion's den, the Maker of all sometimes intervenes in our world to bring about that which we cannot do for ourselves.
What makes this passage from Luke so remarkable is the compressed revelation of all that God controls. In Jesus, the Lord humbled himself in human form for 33 years, dwelling among us. Yet, He gives us eternal hope by decisively showing that He rules over nature (vv 22-25), the spiritual realm (vv 26-39), our physical well-being (vv 40-48), and even death itself (vv 49-56). There is no circumstance too impossible for our Savior!
It's easy to see what the implications of this word from God are to us. What are we struggling through today? Physical trials for ourselves or our loved ones? Financial woes? A battle of the mind or soul? Circumstances that are beyond our control? Bring it to the Lord who can do for us what we cannot do for ourselves!
While that may be easy to see, it's not always easy to do. We can develop that habit of relying fully on the God of the impossible situation by doing a few things. First, reading His word and the stories of those who have gone before us daily will bathe us in the encouragement we need. Second, godly friendships will put human flesh on the cheering section we need at times like these. Third, prayer and praise help us to get real with God, venting our emotions to the only One who can really do something about them. These things will keep us hanging on until God, in His perfect timing, acts. That may not be until we see eternity. But He who overcame the impossibility of death fills us with the hope of all that is possible in Him.

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